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Winter 2018 Long Tail Hoodies

Winter 2018 Long Tail Hoodies
Winter 2017 sold out every time they came into stock! This year we are more prepared... hopefully! Here is a sneak peak of what is coming. 

- The favourite Black/Grey favourite from size 4 in kids to 9XL in Mens/Ladies.
Navy/Blue is back too! Which was a close second in popularity.
- Third favourite is the Grey/Black/Green also starting at size 4.
- The NEW favourite (I think it will be!) Navy/Grey. There has been so many requests for this colour so finally it is coming.

Hoodies will now have names also - Station or Property names which I'm so excited about our brand standing for such important pieces of what makes Australia.

More to come...

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Ian hammond

How can I get hold of a long tailed hoodie. I have been looking for some time now

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