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Shear Delights Cookbook was written & published by Carolyn Rees (Carlie's  Mum) it has some amazing practical recipes.  The book has everything you need to cook for shearers, family or crowds. 

- 144 recipes
- Meal plans
- Tricks of the trade
- Shopping List
- Spiral bound for ease while cooking

Real food - Real people.

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Foreward from the book.
“There is nothing better for a man than to eat and drink and find enjoyment in his hard work.”

This means, if you develop a strong work ethic, you will likely enjoy your work more.

Based on this fundamental principle, I would have to say, “I love cooking for shearers!” Without them, the wool industry has no future. They work hard for their money while living away from their families, so they deserve to be fed well. By the same token, a shearer’s cook also works hard - so don’t you shearers come late for meals, otherwise all you will get is a hot tongue and cold shoulder! As my husband David says, “If you have a good cook, the team is happy and the job gets done. So don’t upset the cook!”

My mother-in-law Marie taught me how to cook for shearers and we often talked about writing a Shearers Cookbook together. With much prompting from my family, may this be a book that gets handed down through the generations to come.

This book is designed to feed 12 workers for 2 weeks, without time consuming recipes. There’s not a lot of time between runs and the food can’t be too spicy. It needs to be plain but tasty, and lots of it!

The recipes I use are mainly handed down through family and friends with some modifications to my liking. So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have inspired me with their recipes to be included in my shearing menu.