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Stylish Tradie Workwear: How to Look Good on the Job Site

Stylish Tradie Workwear: How to Look Good on the Job Site

Summer or winter, construction site or shearing shed, eyes are on you. No matter the job, there’s a way to look good in tradie gear – and we’re here to show you how.

Here at Just Shear, we’ve made it our mission to create stylish, practical clothing for farmers and tradespeople. Unique singlets, tradie t-shirts and hoodies in a range of colours and cuts keep you looking stylish no matter the weather – and they’ll never get in the way of the job. Coming from the rural industries, we know how important it is to have a good range of motion, especially while shearing!

While there are endless ways to style clothing, our tried-and-tested tips make all the difference. Read up on the below and put them to good use at work.

Buy Tradie Gear Specifically Suited for the Job

Does the nature of your work mean that you’re bending down all day? Do you need to protect your head from chilly winds and rain? These are all things to keep in mind when shopping for your work wardrobe – and they truly make a difference.

For shearers, plumbers, and tradespeople who spend a lot of time bending down, long-tail singlets, t-shirts, and shearing hoodies are the perfect solution. Covering the lower back, they prevent valuable body heat from being lost, while also keeping you presentable. No plumber’s crack here!

The overall appearance is put-together and professional. With the range of colour-trimmed and diagonal print styles in our range, there’s truly something for everyone. Be sure to double up on your favourite tradie hoodie styles and develop your own signature look.

Use Colour to Create a Cohesive Look

While most tradie work clothes put practicality first, our range goes a step further. Using colour combinations like orange and grey, royal blue with black, and hot pink trim on our performance singlets and other clothing items, we make it easy for you to be noticed on the site, without having to go for stock-standard gear.

Choose the combination that best suits your personal style preferences and pair with tradie gear that you already have. With bulk buying options available, you can even afford to kit out the whole crew in your company colours. How’s that for getting noticed on the job?

Invest in Tradie Gear That Brings Business In

When it comes to physical labour, the best advertisement is always on the job. Why not invest in clothing that broadcasts your business to all who see you grinding away?

Our printing service leaves plenty of room for your logo to be printed onto hoodies, t-shirts, and singlets of your choice. Printed onto our unique blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, graphics stay bright, vivid, and proportional, even after thorough washing. No need to worry about stretching, either – the high-quality material blend we use keeps its proportions as time goes by.

With regular sizing across all items, you can easily kit out the whole team in company colours and prints. A measurement guide is provided for peace of mind – but if in doubt, sizing up is always a good idea.

Take your pick of long sleeve tradie t-shirts, caps, and tradie pants, then get ready to make your mark on-site and beyond. For more information, get in touch with our team today!

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