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Current turnaround 3 weeks for custom printed orders.

Just Shear Ambassador

Just Shear Ambassador

We are excited to offer this opportunity to people who love our brand as much as we do! We need to make sure we are on the same page and that you agree to our brand ambassador terms. Once you have read through and are in agreement with our terms please fill out the required components.

Once applications are recieved we will contact you, We are limiting how many ambassadors so not every application will be successful. 

Expectations of Just Shear Brand Ambassadors

1Promote the brand on your own social media pages through photographs, video and comments.

2. Use and promote the products provided to you.

3. Engage positively with Just Shear social media accounts(likes and comments)

Content and Posting Requirements

1. Post one reel and one photography image per garment gifted by Just Shear.

2. You must tag us @just.shear in each of the reels and photos posted in the gifted garments and use the #justshear in the post. 

3. Provide Just Shear with unedited videos and images.

4. Posts, Reels and images must be supplied within 3 weeks of receiving your gifted garment. This ensures that the products are still relevant. Subsequent garments will not be provided untill this requirement is met if there are circumstances preventing you from meeting this requirement pleaes reach out to us so we can work together to find a soloution. 

In exchange you will recieve 

1One garment per fortnight for the duration of your ambassador term of 12 weeks. 

2. Our support and help in growing your own feed if desired. Including consistent positive engagement on your account and posts.

3. 20% discount code for your personal use only.

4. 10% discount code for followers, familly and friends if requested.

Can this agreement be termintated?

Yes. If you are unable to meet the terms and requirements of our agreement as outilined as above. If this does happen, we ask that you return all clothing gifted to you to us at your own expense or equivilent costs covered by yourself.