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Tips on getting the most out of selling your brand.

Tips on getting the most out of selling your brand.
First step is to get your merchandise on DISPLAY! Too many people get merchandise but don't display it in front of their customers. 
 - Hang stubby holders & caps on string with pegs above the bar.
- Use hangers for your clothing to hang them in easy view for customers.
- Wearing them is a good conversation starter.
- Do a facebook or in house giveaway - that way people will know they are for        sale, some people are too shy to ask.
- "Guess how many singlets in the box" the winner gets a free beer! Cheap                giveaway for some good advertising.

       Next is thinking about the different colours. Try to mix up the background colours or garment colours. People will only buy one if there is one colour to choose from, but they might buy multiple for themselves if they can buy a few different colours. So you can triple your sales easily. Another thing to think about is the printing colour. Our choice of random prints throughout an order is very popular, gets customers excited to see what is coming in stock next.

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